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   Thank you for stopping by. I have fished with clients from all over the world; all of which have had exceedingly different personalities and ability levels.  The fish, the passion of pursuit and my unwavering dedication to achieving a set goal is what makes me who I am, drives me in all aspects of life and ultimately gets you hooked up with the gamefish of your dreams."  -REN

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Snook! The winter is characterized by backcountry blackwater fishing. Big snook and reds crush flies and surface baits ALL.DAY.LONG.
Early tarpon season! Big snook and reds still deep in the backcountry with giant migratory Tarpon making their way to the backcountry to feed before their migration. Backcountry fish CRUSH FLIES!
GIANT Tarpon Tarpon Tarpon. Snook fishing is phenomenal but most of my calendar is filled with Tarpon enthusiasts.
Summertime snookin! Snook fishing is easy during the summer. Lots of tarpon still around with shots at juveniles and bigs alike. My favorite time of year.
Characterized by breaking temperatures resulting in a changing of the seasons. Anytime the temps begin to change drastically whether it be summer to fall or winter to spring, there's always a bite stimulated by this! Lots of reds around in the fall.
Snook and reds have begun their migration to the warmer backcountry waters. Lots to be said for this time of year. I throw poppers and big jerk baits this time of year outside and in the backcountry. Tarpon, snook and reds still a viable target.
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Guest Fine Points

Equipped to host 1-2 charter fishing Anglers:


Everglades National Park 

Outdoor Resorts

150 Smallwood Dr.

Ochopee, FL 34139

If your party consists of more than two anglers or require a second Charter Fishing Guide, Captain Ren has other trusted charter Fishing Guides available for your Charter Fishing needs. 


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