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About Captain Ren Stanley and the Charter Fishing Experience

"I strive to ensure that every fishing charter is customized to each client's skill, outlook and ultimately built to achieve their satisfaction."  - Capt Ren Stanley

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Hunting and fishing, specifically fly fishing, has had a dominant presence in Ren's life since early childhood.  He has fished all over the world and incorporates the most successful angling and fly fishing techniques into his charter fishing experience.  Capt Ren has been fishing in Everglades National Park since the age of 10, allowing him to effectively navigate the waters for the best fly fishing charter waters without the aide of GPS. 


Ren is a combat veteran and served 4 years of active duty in the US Army. After an honorable discharge, he completed a Bachelor's of Science degree from Kennesaw State University then returned to his passion and into the serenity of the Everglades and serving people from all over the world with the best fishing charter experience possible. Ren carries the dedication and commitment he learned in the US Army into his fly fishing charters.


   Captain Ren designs AND builds his own elite poling skiffs by hand, using the most modern composites available and has been mentioned in many prominent magazines and even has televised appearances.




Veteran Owned and Gratefully Operated

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